Latest update: This is the saddest post we have had to write since opening.

We have had to make the decision to close our doors until further notice. It’s not been easy or even a decision that we wanted to make but we have really been left with no choice.

We want to try and safeguard our business against permanent closure and we believe that this is the only way to do so. We have a responsibility to our staff, our families and the public.

The Government has strongly advised against unnecessary social contact outside of the home. This obviously has direct consequences for us at Tots Tower, other soft play area’s, pubs, clubs, cinema’s, restaurants the list just goes on.

You will have seen that insurance companies have decided to not to payout for these types of cases and this indeed is a very very worrying time.

So as of 3pm today (15:00hrs on the 18/03/2020), Tots Tower is closed to the public until further notice.



If you have a party booked with us this is what we can offer so far:

a)We will open for your party as normal (unless specifically told not to),
b)Secure another date later in the year for you,
c)Open Tot’s Tower for your immediate family only, at no extra cost(Meaning the deposit will be sufficient)


Special Events

If you have booked onto one of our special events i.e. Minecraft Club or the Easter Photo Shoot please bear with us. We are working hard to secure new dates or alternative arrangements to make sure these events are safe for all. (we still have some tricks up our sleeve yet).


We are working a week ahead, from Monday to Sunday. This means we are now contacting people with parties this weekend to get their choices. As of Monday the 23rd we will contact people with parties that weekend and so on.

We have lots of ideas to try and keep afloat including maybe opening for small family groups rented by the hour??

Anyway please contact us via Facebook or Email at with any concerns or questions you may have. But please remember we are a small family business that is also chasing landlords, insurers and keeping on top of Government advice.

We will do everything we can to support our little Tots Tower Community and know that you guys will all do the same.


Dates we are closed

8th April 2020
10th April 2020
13th April 2020
15th April 2020
8th May 2020
25th May 2020

Loyalty Scheme

We have changed over to an electronic loyalty scheme. Every time you visit Tots Tower you will be awarded 2x stamps. you can save these stamps up for various awards and offers that you can also track on your phone. for example if you have saved up 3x stamps you can grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Or save up x10 stamps to claim free entry.

Disclaimer: Stamps can not be claimed back after your visit has ended, so make sure you claim your stamp on the day.

The Grub Truck
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Monday to Friday
9.15am until 3.00pm

Clock Tower,
23a Dingle Walk, Winsford,

Play Passes

Buy in advance and ensure you get the friend discount so that you make savings each time you visit. Our passes allow more savings the more plays you buy and can be kept in the purse for those days you just need to get out the house

Disclaimer: This is for over 1s only - you can choose as many children to use plays as you would like, each card can be used until all plays are done and we can only allow play entrance if card is on site. Play passes are issued out once purchased and hole punched each time play is used.

Soft Play...

...Role Play...

...Sensory Play

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