Dates we are closed

8th April 2020
10th April 2020
13th April 2020
15th April 2015
8th May 2020
25th May 2020

Loyalty Scheme

We have changed over to an electronic loyalty scheme. Every time you visit Tots Tower you will be awarded 2x stamps. you can save these stamps up for various awards and offers that you can also track on your phone. for example if you have saved up 3x stamps you can grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Or save up x10 stamps to claim free entry.

Disclaimer: Stamps can not be claimed back after your visit has ended, so make sure you claim your stamp on the day.

The Grub Truck
We're open

Monday to Friday
9.15am until 3.00pm

Clock Tower,
23a Dingle Walk, Winsford,

Play Passes

Buy in advance and ensure you get the friend discount so that you make savings each time you visit. Our passes allow more savings the more plays you buy and can be kept in the purse for those days you just need to get out the house

Disclaimer: This is for over 1s only - you can choose as many children to use plays as you would like, each card can be used until all plays are done and we can only allow play entrance if card is on site. Play passes are issued out once purchased and hole punched each time play is used.

Soft Play...

...Role Play...

...Sensory Play

Grub Life

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