Party Terms and Conditions


A deposit of £20 is required at time of booking a party at Tots Tower. This deposit is non-refundable and is all that is required to secure your party.


To make things as simple as possible we offer a very flexible payment policy that means you can pay the remaining balance on the day of the party. Payments can be made in full or increments. When you arrive for the party you will be required to settle your bill before the guests arrive. 


We ask that we are notified of cancellations as soon as possible so that we can re-advertise that date as available. As the deposit paid at booking is non-refundable this will not be returned. What we will aim to do is rearrange a new date for your party at Tots Tower.  

Arriving and Leaving

Tots Tower will be available 25 minutes before your booked time slot. We ask that all parties are departed by the latest 15 mins after your event. We allow the extra time before and after the event to let you set up or dismantle anything you bring with you and so you don't feel rushed. However, there are generally parties one after another and we only have limited time to change over. 


Feel free to bring decorations and balloons with you to decorate your party. We ask that all decorations are put up using blue-tac. We do not allow Pins and sellotape to put up decorations as this can damage the walls and paintwork. 

Messy Play 

An additional charge of £25 would be added to any booking that wishes to have a messy play session in the venue. This is to cover the cost of extra staff to clean the venue after the party has finished. 

Room set up

We have a standard room set up for parties, however, the room can be laid out to suit your needs in terms of moving the tables in the cafe area. Please let us know how you would like us to set the room up when you arrive. 

Rules of Play

As the Party organiser, it is your responsibility to ensure all children comply with the rules of play. Staff are on hand to assist with this but please be aware that Tots Tower reserves the right to stop individuals from using the equipment and ask them to leave.

Car Parking

We have no allocated car parking facilities at Tots Tower however being located on Winsford Town Center there are lots of parking provisions available. Please ensure that you are allowed to park where you have for the duration of the party. Tots Tower cannot reimburse any parking fines that may occur whilst using our facility.

Children Over 5 years old

Whilst we do not prohibit children over 5 years old entry to Tots Tower for private functions, they are not permitted to use the play equipment provided. As this is your private event we appreciate that the birthday girl/ boy may have siblings/ family members that are over the 5-year restriction. We just remind all guests that they will not be able to use the soft play equipment and it is Party organizers responsibility to ensure this is adhered to. 

Children over 5 are not insured to use the equipment, the equipment is designed for use of 5’s and under and can be easily damaged and injury can occur from older children using the facility. 

We must also stress that anyone under 18 years old is NOT able to supervise children on the play equipment. 


  • LED Balloons
  • Confetti balloons
  • Pins
  • Sellotape
  • Pinatas